More departing vacationers, more food donations

We had a great food drive at the Reef Club and Church of the Isles today. Thanks to the vacationers, locals and cleaners who donated. Two cleaners told me that leftover food in a rental is not a gift, but a burden. “It’s more work,” said one cleaner. Also a big shoutout to the volunteers who helped me out. I couldn’t do it without all of you! I’m especially grateful to Jan and her helper Patty at the Church of the Isles, who ran the show there. Meanwhile, Terri, pictured here, not only assisted at the Reef Club, where she lives part time, but she also is shepherding a project to install a food-donation bin in the lobby there. That way, departing vacationers can donate non-perishables 24/7.

This drive netted 103 pounds of donations! That’s less than last month, but I think only because last month’s haul included dozens of canned goods, which weigh a lot more. One family donated seven unopened packages of cold cuts and cheese! Unfortunately it’s really difficult to donate perishables, which is one of the reasons I hold drives — to at least rescue some and to draw attention to how much is wasted on a daily basis.

That’s it for food drives this tourist season, but you can donate non-perishables 24/7 and perishables when St. Jeromes Lifeline is open. All details are at

See you next time!

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