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New York Times comes calling - again

Getting international exposure for our cause is so wonderful, and to think it's happened twice now! On March 26, 2024, writer Elaine Glusac gives tips on traveling more sustainably specifically in vacation rentals, including dealing with food waste. Thanks for the coverage! May the movement grow!!

Proud to be part of Rent Responsibly

There's a fantastic advocacy group called Rent Responsibly that looks at a lot of issues in vacation rentals, from legal to hospitality to sustainability. They're my kind of peeps and I guess the feeling is mutual, because their writer Paris Achen did a wonderful and thorough article on Vacation Donations, published March 12, 2024.

Walking along the Green Path

Deborah Labi asked some terrific questions about Vacation Donations on the Green Path Podcast. airing Sept. 21, 2023. We talked about what vacation rental owners, travelers and community members can do to reduce food and item waste in vacation rentals. It's really not that hard -- it just takes a little motivation!

Nice to see us and food waste covered in the New York Times

On Aug. 18, 2023, New York Times "Frugal Traveler" columnist Elaine Glusac wrote about cooking at Airbnbs as a way to save money and check out local products. Elaine also looked at food waste and what could be done about it. I was honored that she included Vacation Donations as a source for that. Check out the "How to Help" section of this website to read tips about how you can help reduce waste and increase donations as a traveler or property owner/manager.

Gabbing about Vacation Donations

Love the Gabber! The independent weekly out of quirky Gulfport, Florida, and covering the beaches, St. Pete and more, wrote about us on May 22, 2023 (on June 1 in the print edition). Reporter Amanda Hagood included a fact I was unaware of and which will be crucial for me going forward in promoting Vacation Donations locally. My county, Pinellas, has a goal of Zero Waste to Landfill by 2050. And I aim to assist! And, hey, if you prefer to read the story in French, looks like a site picked it up and translated.

Over the airwaves, from Tampa

I had a great chat with Anni Ellis, co-host of the Sustainable Living show on WMNF. The community radio station, based in Tampa, broadcasts in many parts of Florida and streams around the world. To hear the segment, go here and choose May 22, 2023. Anni called me a "connector," as opposed to a resource or educator. I like that! She also said that "leave it for the cleaners" is often "a burden, not a tip." I like that too!

Don't trash it!

Angie Angers of Bay News 9 did a fantastic segment on Vacation Donations, airing May 9, 2023. Start around the :55-second mark if you want to skip the short term rental controversy! That's when my part starts. We went to the IRB pantry and then hung out at the beach talking to visitors and locals. One woman was picking at toys from the donation bin for her kids to play with. That was cool!

It doesn't have to be this way!

As Thrillist said in this article on May 9, 2023: "Tourists Waste a Staggering Amount of Food—But It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way." So true. This national article also highlights the NC groups that inspired Vacation Donations. Our approach and mission is different from theirs, but we're all in this together!

Hometown weekly joins in

Local news is the best, which is why I was especially tickled to be featured in the weekly Bee, part of Tampa Bay Newspapers group, on April 12, 2023. In print, I was even the cover girl! I'm still waiting for big guys at Tampa Bay Times (where I once worked!) to come calling. I'm trying!

Fighting food waste, live

Nice to see the Beach Community Food Pantry get some exposure in this segment on 10 Tampa Bay, the local CBS affiliate, on April 11, 2023. I would have appreciated more follow-up questions to the property manager about the "perk" of food for cleaners. Where do they store the food all day and how much can they fit in their fridge at home? Several cleaners have come to me to donate!

We love you, Monica

Much fun was had with Chad Mills and ABC Action News, our local Tampa Bay affiliate. The segment ran on the evening news on April 5, 2023. He and I were both delighted to happen upon Monica from Indianapolis, whose comments could not have been more in line with the mission of Vacation Donations. In the beginning of the segment, talking about me, Chad said “ she sometimes wears a wig." It’s a colorful scrunchie, Chad! Not a wig! He also said, “she’s not as crazy as she looks.” Not sure about that one either.

Martha's Vineyard and beyond

Bluedot Living magazine distributes print publications in Brooklyn, NY, and Martha's Vineyard, MA, but also covers sustainability stories nationally. So I was pleased to be featured on April 3, 2023. It also got me thinking how the Vineyard is prime for a  Vacation Donations info page. It's on my list!

Official tourism recognition

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater was nice enough to include us in their list of "Unwind and be Kind" suggestions. Donations are certainly a way to be kind! This was placed in April 2023, but kindness is year-round.

Starting off strong

Vacation Donations was proud for its first-ever media coverage, in the March/April 2023 issue of the Indian Rocks Beach Neighborhood News Magazine. That’s as local as it gets, which means everyone reads it. Perfect for our mission. We’re on page 16.

Diane Daniel of Vacation Donations getting filmed for a TV segment.
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