Tips for property managers/owners outside IRB

Vacation Donations' mission is to reduce waste and increase reuse, recycling, repurposing and food donations in the rapidly expanding world of short-term rentals. The donation resources on our website are for the coastal community of Indian Rocks Beach (IRB), Florida. But the principles and practices can be applied anywhere. Whether you’re reading this from near or far, here are some general tips. If you’re not local, consider starting your own initiative. Ask us for suggestions!

  • Put a Vacation Donations magnet on your refrigerator and/or stickers on trash cans. (Ask us for free ones!) While you’re at it, spread the word to your fellow property owners/managers!
  • Consider creating a page on your website with basic donation info. Ours includes food, beach toys, books, and miscellaneous. Include whatever is relevant in your community.
  • If you use a digital information kiosk for guests, link to a page you create (see above) or simply suggest to guests the top three donation sites in your area.
  • Use your check-in/checkout info to share the Vacation Donations website and concept. Here’s an example: “Have leftover food or items you can’t take back home? Consider donating them! Vacation Donations tells you how and where, and you take it from there. If you ask us, we’ll donate for you!” Personalize to fit your own needs.
  • If your guests leave unused items behind, please take the time to give them away for reuse. That includes food, toys, books, and more. Even better, consider holding your own occasional, seasonal or year-round food/item drives, especially if you’re in a condo building with a lobby!
  • If you are unable to donate items yourself, try to contract with your cleaner to donate food and items. Don't expect them to do this as part of their regular job. Remember that you are making the profits from your rental business, so the task ultimately is your responsibility.
  • When you have damaged towels, blankets and sheets, donate them to local animal shelters or vets. We provide a detailed list in our area. You can do the same for your area.
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