Condos, motels and more: try a food donation bin in your lobby

Today I spoke to a group of condo presidents at Sand Key, an area that is part of Clearwater, Florida, about Vacation Donations. One of my missions is to have condo buildings, motels, hotels and even neighborhoods consider adding a food donation bin in a common space. In the case of condos, that’s usually in a lobby or near the elevators, parking or pool. Yes, it means volunteers will be in charge of getting donations to the food pantry.  But that’s not a burdensome task! My first takers were this past spring. Thank you, Landmark Tower 1 residents in Sand Key! Phyllis Deegan (right) saw me promoting Vacation Donations on a TV segment and reached out through my website. She wanted to know how she could help our mission – especially saving food tossed by vacationers. We talked on the phone and came up with a fantastic plan! Phyllis and resident Janice Liedel (left) have placed and are overseeing a food donation basket in the lobby of their building. Landmark Tower 1 has 144 units, many of which are used by vacationers. They’ll make sure the food gets to a pantry, in this case The Beach Community Food Pantry in IRB. But any pantry is fine with me! I would love to see this happening at every condo building along Pinellas beaches. Any more takers? Hit me up at [email protected].

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